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From "Chris Anderson" <>
Subject CouchEngine and Action Servers available
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2008 03:05:32 GMT
Hello all,

I've been working (along with some friends from the CouchDB-PDX group)
to enhance CouchDB with the ability to run functions at query time,
and return arbitrary JSON or text. You could use this to put a little
server smarts into an otherwise mostly client-based application. (eg:
provide xml feeds of view results). If you couple it with Mattly's
Nginx proxy configuration, you could also use it to validate document
creation, manage user accounts, and anything else you would do in an
app server. Everything is extremely beta right now (I just finished
writing code 5 minutes ago) and the API's could change a little as we
write some applications using the development framework Greg's cooking

Here are links:

Documentation (written before the code, so a little wrong in places,
but gets the gist right)

You have to build CouchDB from my fork on Github to support actions.
Please let me know if you can build regular CouchDB, but the fork
won't work for you.

Matt's fork of CouchBlog (our CouchDB-PDX test app) which contains his
nginx magic.

Greg's CouchEngine is the generator you can use to create new apps.

Note that this code and the CouchBlog may be incompatible with my most
recent work on Action Server support, but keep an eye on things,
they'll probably all come together shortly. (It'd be fairly easy to
bring these apps up to date by reading the source code of my CouchDB
fork's Futon tests)


Chris Anderson

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