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From "Paul C. Nendick" <>
Subject Re: view index build time
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 15:00:19 GMT
2008/7/3 Paul Davis <>:
> Are there any plans on making this parallel in the future? Splitting
> up the docs amongst a set of processes and having them sort local
> copies before doing a merge sort back into the main index file doesn't
> seem conceptually hard.

Hi all, I'm quite new to couchdb and this list. I've been
investigating both for a few days now; putting some ideas of mine
through couchdb and catching up on the list archives.. Given what I've
seen thusfar, I'd have to rate Paul's query above my number one
consideration remaining. You see, I'm prototyping solutions to a Very
Big and Important (tm) project I'm on and couchdb has sparked much
interest in our evaluation phase.

Certainly distributed computation is one of the reasons Erlang was
chosen for couchdb. Could this be on the Road Map someday?



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