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From "Jacinto Shy II" <>
Subject Re: map_process_error caused by JSON array?
Date Sun, 13 Jul 2008 01:50:31 GMT
On Sat, Jul 12, 2008 at 5:54 PM, Jan Lehnardt <> wrote:
> Hello Jacinto,
> On Jul 11, 2008, at 23:21 , Jacinto Shy II wrote:
>> I am running the latest version of CouchDB from Subversion (r676076)
>> and I get a strange error when I save a document containing a field
>> that is a JSON array.
> The map process is not triggered when you save a document, only
> when a view gets queried. What exactly are you doing? Can you
> provide request and response logs with log= set to debug in your
> couch.ini?

You are right. I should have said I get the error in views after
saving the document. And again, when I save other documents CouchDB
behaves just fine. The problem only occurs when a list is involved.

I am working on a media sharing web app. Basically, when a user
uploads a file they can add tags to it. In my Python code I split the
user's input into a list which I save along with other metadata into
CouchDB using couchdb-python. After saving this new document my code
doesn't touch CouchDB again until the user is redirected to a page
which displays available files.

I set LogLevel to debug (I assume that's what you meant), but it
doesn't show much. The output is attached.

The document that is saved by CouchDB appears just fine (formatting my own):

"created_on":"2008-07-13 10:26:35",
"title":"Waheshni Eih",

>> [...]
>> I also see the same error when running the test suite for reduce,
>> multiple_rows, view_collation, view_conflicts, view_errors, and
>> view_sandboxing.
> Do the basic tests run for you? If not, it appears that your SpiderMonkey
> installation is hosed. See
> for more info.

The basic tests are successful, and so are all of the other tests,
with the exception of the six listed above. I am using the
SpiderMonkey which is installed by apt-get. I just upgraded to
1.9~rc2-5, but the problem persists.

> Cheers
> Jan
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