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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: Solution on a Memory Stick?
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 08:23:55 GMT

On Jul 3, 2008, at 09:25, Anthony Waddell wrote:

> Thanks for the response
> I guess I can handle security of the database by putting some kind of
> lock on on the memory stick, or the entire app, but what about
> replication.  I understand it now replicates on port 80:
> - is it robust?

It is robust, but it could be faster than it is now.

> - Any ideas how could I encrypt the transmission over public access  
> networks?

A VPN, an ssh tunnel or, if you can set it up, use https.


> Regards
> Anthony
> 2008/7/2 Jan Lehnardt <>:
>> Hi Anthony,
>> On Jul 2, 2008, at 10:53, Anthony Waddell wrote:
>>> Greetings
>>> I was about to start developing an app that is to be used in various
>>> remote rural areas with little/no internet connectivity. The data
>>> generated in these sites needs to be replicated back to a central
>>> database.  I was going to do it in Notes/Domino, running the app  
>>> on a
>>> memory stick that could then be taken by the remote worker to their
>>> nearest town, zapped into a workstation with internet access, and so
>>> replicated to the central server.  Now I'm wondering if I should  
>>> do it
>>> in Couchdb instead?
>> The scenario you describe is the exact kind of which CouchDB was
>> designed to handle.
>>> Some questions:
>>> - can it run an instance (programme and data) on a memory stick?
>> Yeah. A simple example is the just-released binary package for
>> MacOS X I threw together:
>> This is obviously Mac-only, but equally possible to do for other
>> platforms.
>>> - does this sound feasible in this environment?
>>> - Is Couchdb ready for showtime in an environment like this.  I need
>>> to feel confident that these isolated offices that are a long way  
>>> from
>>> any help are going to get a robust solution
>> Maybe not yet fo your purposes. CouchDB does not have a sense
>> of security (it will, though). So you'd need to write a small
>> proxy application that would do authentication and whatever else
>> you need. I guess you don't want to open each local instance to
>> everybody for replication :)
>> With large views, we are still missing database compaction, but
>> that won't be much of a problem with small data sets or small
>> views.
>>> (P.S. apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum)
>> This is the exact right place to discuss this :) Feel free to send in
>> any follow-up questions you might have. And have a look at
>> our documentation:
>> Cheers
>> Jan
>> --

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