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From Sho Fukamachi <>
Subject replication usage? creating dupes?
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2008 15:22:37 GMT
O Wise ones,

While attempting to use Futon's built-in replicator function to sync a  
local DB with a (brand new) remote one, the replication kept timing  
out. I restarted it several times, and after it finally completed I  
was delighted to find it actually had created more records on the  
remote than exist locally. Hooray, free records!

Unfortunately they seem to be dupes. It was only about 3000 records,  
1000 or so records are dupes. This leaves me with a couple of questions:

- is there a "safe" way to do replication that doesn't create dupes?
- is Couch really sensitive to network fluctuations? I admit, I'm on  
the other side of the planet as the test server, but no packet loss or  
anything I can detect
- what is the current best practise to keep two databases in sync? Ie,  
2-way (multi master) replication. No dupes. Assume imperfect network  
(ie, over public internet). This is kind of one of the reasons I am  
using Couch for this project so .. I would like to do it right!

I also wonder if anyone has started work on a 3rd party  
synchronisation tool yet? I'm thinking something that just  
periodically queries both DBs, makes a list of unsynced _ids and/or  
_revs and then PUTS one to the other as necessary. Maybe something  
nice in Ruby? Not that I'm knocking Futon of course, it's just that in- 
browser JS seems a little .. fragile, especially after today's  

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/wisdom.


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