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From David King <>
Subject Re: Practical storage limit
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2008 23:21:18 GMT
(original issue at

>> You appear to be hitting the weird mochiweb connection reset bug.  
>> It's causes test failures too. We are looking into it.
> I updated to r679855, which has the fix for the connection reset  
> bug, but I'm still experiencing the problem. Any ideas?

I reduced the chunk size (in the code at the above URL), reducing the  
time between couchdb requests, and this seems to have resolved the  
issue (that is, I'm up to 35k documents, 100 at a time, without a  
timeout now, which is many more requests than worked before).

This leads me to believe that it's more of a couchdb-python issue  
(maybe couchdb-python is keeping the socket to couchdb open for the  
whole time, and it's timing out in between?). Maybe couchdb-python can  
do keep-alives in a background thread?

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