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From "Dean Landolt" <>
Subject Re: the search api?
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2008 21:36:05 GMT
On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 5:12 PM, Paul Davis <>

> Heya,
> Yeah, the Xapian GPL stuff is kind of a PITA. Lucene would also be an
> option for getting around dumb legalities.

Or CLucene (for those of us with a violent distaste for all things Java). I
just learned about a new FTI option: Hyper Estraier -- also GPL, sadly, but
according to some benchmarks I stumbled across a good bit faster than both
Xapian and Lucene. And the GPL issue shouldn't be an issue if we're not
distributing the bindings (hyperestraier has pure-python bindings in PyPI
(that pyndexter already uses)).

And oh holy cow, pyndexter looks pretty interesting after reading the
> first paragraph. If it doesn't suck underneath the hood it'd be a
> pretty good way to allow people to use whichever engine they want.

I've been poking around under the hood and it looks pretty well thought out.
I don't like the fact that there hasn't been a commit on it in almost a
year, but it's probably better than starting from scratch. The code is
clean, logical and very well documented. Queries are even based on a uri
model, and the queries themselves get broken out into a parse tree that can
be reassembled specifically for any FTI engine.

The only thing with the FTI is that the future of how we couple
> external software to couchdb is in a state of uncertainty. Between
> plugins and action servers etc, I was going to wait till there was
> something more steady in place before attacking this full force.

Action server? That's a new one -- I'll poke around the listserv for more on

The _search url was taken out for the 0.8 release. It should still be
> in the lucene branch though. Hacking it back into trunk should be a
> fairly trivial patch.

I'll have to find the time to experiment. I'm a little iffy on hacking on
the couch source for now -- frankly I'm afraid learning Erlang might take me
down a rabbit hole I don't have the time for at the moment. Like you, I'd
just as soon wait for some consensus on an api. At least now I have the
tools to be ready when this starts to bubble to the surface. Thanks for the
info Paul...


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