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From "Chris Anderson" <>
Subject Re: Filtered multi-column lists
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2008 15:46:10 GMT
On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 5:19 AM, Kore Nordmann <> wrote:

> I also do not see a real solution in complex keys, like array keys with the
> provided view values, like [$type, $status, $priority], because afaik it is
> yet impossible to do queries like [*, (urgent | low), *] or similar.

The best solution for you may be to have individual views for each
queryable field: one each for sorting on $type, $status, and $priority
- and you may want these views to have complex keys if it is common to
query for eg $component, $status or perhaps $assignee, $priority

There is no real shortcut here - you'll need a view that puts records
in contiguous order for the major queries you'll be running. Or you
can start working on alternate indexing scheme's (something like the
wildcard syntax you mentioned sure would be handy, and probably "fast
enough" on smaller data sets.)

Chris Anderson

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