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From David King <>
Subject Re: General-understanding questions about views
Date Sat, 28 Jun 2008 20:59:50 GMT
> Here we have to tackle the first issue: Do not try to map what you  
> know
> from SQL to CouchDB.

Maybe I just worded it poorly. How about "I'm trying to understand how  
couchdb would solve some problems that I'm currently solving with SQL  
and come up with some intermediately mappaable vocabulary so that I  
can gloss over the bits that I don't understand until I do so that I  
can tackle one concept at a time". But that's much longer :)

> Your map functions must return the same result for the same input  
> [...]
> So what you would do here instead, is:
> function(doc) {
>  emit(, null);
> }
> and query with /db/_view/date/name? 
> startkey=timestamp_from_interval('1 week')&endkey=now()

Ah, very cool. I was mis-understanding the Key, which answers almost  
all of my questions as once

> Same thing. I note that you explicitly mention permanent views. Do not
> use temporary views in production, only during development.

That answers my next question too.

> Feel free to send in more questions as they come :-)

Oh I will :)

I'm an Erlang developer. Any tips on where to start reading if I plan  
to begin understand the code-base?

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