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From "Patrick Aljord" <>
Subject Re: couchdb and blobs (using only couchdb or couchrest)
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2008 04:40:39 GMT
Here is how to reproduce the issue:

require 'openid'

@cr ="http://localhost:5984")
@db = @cr.create_db('couchrest-testy')
blob = OpenID::CryptUtil.hmac_sha1('foo', 'bar')
response ={:key => blob})

and it gives:
JSON::GeneratorError: source sequence is illegal/malformed
        from /home/pat/gitreps/mymerbapp/lib/couchrest/lib/couch_rest.rb:50:in
        from /home/pat/gitreps/mymerbapp/lib/couchrest/lib/couch_rest.rb:50:in
        from /home/pat/gitreps/mymerbapp/lib/couchrest/lib/database.rb:54:in
        from (irb):59
        from :0

not sure if this is a couchrest specific bug, jchris? :)

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