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From Kore Nordmann <>
Subject Filtered multi-column lists
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2008 12:19:14 GMT
Hi list,

I love CouchDB and it is really fun using it, but now I am experience a 
problem which seems not really solveable properly to me at a first 
glance using the CouchDB views.

I have some amount of documents, which do have several fields in common, 
which each has some small amount of different values, just like an issue 
tracker, where you have for example bug type, status and priority for 
your documents.

The amount of documents may be "big" at some point (something between 
10^3 and 10^6), so I don't see ad hoc views as a good solution, as the 
results probably would take too much time to calculate. Also for the 
amount of fields and their different values it seems not feasible to 
define a view for each possible combination.

I also do not see a real solution in complex keys, like array keys with 
the provided view values, like [$type, $status, $priority], because 
afaik it is yet impossible to do queries like [*, (urgent | low), *] or 

Am I overlooking something here, or isn't there a good solution for such 
a use case yet?

Even I can't find the discussion on the ML now, I remember discussion on 
XPath-like queries for JSON structures, which could help here for 
querying the keys of a view, when it holds all the relevant information 
in its keys - even it may take quite some time to perform such a query 
against all keys in a view.

If there isn't something like this planned yet, and I am not overlooking 
some kind of obvious solution - do you have some good starting points 
which could offer a solid base for some evaluation work?

Kore Nordmann                                        (GPG 0xDDC70BBB)

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