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From "Ryszard Szopa" <>
Subject grouping results by keys
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2008 21:49:51 GMT

Right now some quite basic things are rather difficult in CouchDB. For
example, if we had a database with car objects that have brands and
models, there's no straightforward way of finding all the different
car models or brands. This could become very simple if there was a
possibility of grouping results by keys. This could be implemented in
the following way:

* View-objects could have an additional attribute, "group", which
would contain a function taking two arguments: a key and a list of
* After the map phase, the "group" function would be called on each
different key and the list of objects that had this key
* The reduce phase would be done after the group phase.

This could also work very well with view collation.


    -- Richard

PS. Please forgive me being that guy that asks for new features all the time...


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