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From Christopher Lenz <>
Subject Re: mapping on a key that doesn't exist
Date Tue, 13 May 2008 22:19:15 GMT
On 13.05.2008, at 23:19, Bob Briski wrote:
> I've found that I can't create a view with a key that includes a  
> document key that doesn't exist in all documents.
> I confused myself with that opening statement so here's an example  
> of what I'm talking about:
> I understand if this is the way it's supposed to work.  I also  
> understand that I can use an if statement to check if the key exists  
> in the document.  However, that means that if I change the schema of  
> future documents and I've written a previous view that doesn't check  
> for all of it's keys, those previous views cease to function.
> I thought that a large advantage of document databases is the  
> ability to change the schema of your documents and not cause  
> problems.  Is this not the case, or am I thinking of this incorrectly?

What CouchDB version are you using? I think you're running into a bug  
in the JS view server that was fixed in trunk sometime after the 0.7.2  

Christopher Lenz
   cmlenz at

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