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From Damien Katz <>
Subject Re: error with larger design documents
Date Thu, 29 May 2008 15:26:18 GMT
Yeah, that's a limitation of the current implementation that should be  
fixed before 1.0. Could you create a bug for it?


On May 28, 2008, at 8:47 PM, Chris Anderson wrote:

> I started working on my first non-trivial view functions, and came
> across this error when the Javascript view server kicks in:
> Error in process <0.612.0> with exit value:
> {{badmatch,{error,error_header_too_large}},[{couch_view,reset_file, 
> 4},{couch_view,start_update_loop,4}]}
> My functions were all working when stored in individual design
> documents, but when I grouped them the error showed up. For now I can
> just keep them individually, but the group size (3,500 bytes) isn't
> all that large, so I can imagine writing individual functions that
> long one of these days.
> Maybe I'm mis-diagnosing the problem. If I'm correct, the next step is
> figuring out if the problem is on the CouchDB side or the View Server
> side.
> If anyone out there is setup to run non-JS views, maybe you have time
> to try a pretty big view, and report back. If the bug is just in the
> JS view server, maybe I can patch it myself.
> Thanks!
> Chris
> -- 
> Chris Anderson

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