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From Nils Adermann <>
Subject Re: Clarifications or bugs
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2008 23:13:42 GMT
Hi Søren,

I'm not entirely sure I understand your problem but to me it looks like 
you assume that every view result is tied to exactly one document. This 
is not the case. Right now there can be multiple results from a single 
document and once we have reduce there can be view results that depend 
on any number of documents. That's why Jan's basic fulltext support on a 
database level cannot be used to retrieve a subset of a view without 
recomputing the entire view ad-hoc. There's only two ways I see right now:

1. Recompute the views based on the found documents
 - Works for small result sets, otherwise it's probably too slow
 - Requires the fulltext indexer to be able to index documents with any 
number of differing arbitrary structures containing any amount of text 

2. Index view results
 - If not limited this would probably create too many and too big 
indexes, therefore we would need a view setting _fulltext_index that 
indicates that a view should be indexed. You would use this setting if 
your application plans to search results of that view.
- In order to allow fulltext indexers which require a fixed structure 
for all documents to index a CouchDB view, you could go even further: 
Define a structure without data in the view specification that informs 
the indexer which format it can expect all view results will follow. 
This could also be used to indicate which resulting values really 
contain text that needs to be indexed at all.


Søren Hilmer wrote:
>>> 2. startkey_docid does not seam to work, the first document in the
>>> view is
>>> always returned.
>> startkey_docid needs to be combined with startkey to work correctly. I
>> don't think it's even applied when there's no startkey.
> Ahh, this is very unfortunate, say you know the document_id of a changed
> document, but not necessary the view-key, then you have no way of getting
> what the view will return for that specific document.
> This is the situation for the indexer, CouchDB will notify it with which
> DB has changed, the indexer knows the previous update-sequence and gets
> all documents newer, but it need to index the views specified for
> indexing, and thus run the view for the changed documents only, but as it
> has not got the view-key in this situation, it is out of luck.
> The wiki for HttpViewApi says "For efficient paging use startkey and/or
> startkey_docid."
> Are you sure this does not classify as a Bug? Is there something I am
> missing.
> Have fun
>   Søren
>> Cheers,
>> --
>> Christopher Lenz
>>    cmlenz at

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