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From "Brian Smith" <>
Subject RE: PUT / POST tradeoffs
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2008 20:27:18 GMT
Chris Anderson wrote:
> The alternative approach is to forgo the MD5 hash calculation, and
> POST the parsed data into CouchDB, creating a new record with an
> arbitrary id. I imagine that I would end up with a lot of identical
> data in this case, and it would become the job of the
> Map/Combine/Reduce process to filter duplicates while creating the
> lookup indexes.

PUT is almost always better than POST; if you experience network
failures, you can retry the PUT without any ill effects. If you use
POST, and your experience a network partition before you get the
response, how will you determine whether or not the POST succeeded? See
"Post Once Exactly" (, HTTPLR
(, and their related

- Brian

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