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From Søren Hilmer>
Subject Working on Lucene
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2008 15:02:55 GMT

I have hacked a little on the LuceneIndexer, and fixed some bugs to get it 
compiling and running, though I also had to patch couchdb4j (patch was from 
the couchdb4j issues page). Also found that the readme needs some tuning, 
LuceneIndexer in couch.ini is now FullTextSearchQueryServer, right?

But all is still not well, here is a few of questions that I hope someone can 
supply answers to:

1) couchdb4j uses "_all_docs_by_update_seq" to get a specific revision of a 
document. The trunk version of couchdb does not support this. Has it been 
discontinued in favor of "_all_docs_by_seq" ?

2) What was actually the intention of the LuceneIndexer, I guess that it 
should traverse all the databases and all the documents within these and 
store the result in the database "couchdbfulltext", right? Some work to 
achieve this seams necessary.

3)  When a database has a changed document, the indexer should re-index it, 

4) I have still not looked at the LuceneSearcher, how is that hooked into 

I hope to get it working and supply a patch when it does, hopefully I am not 
treading on anyones toes here.

Søren Hilmer, M.Sc., M.Crypt.
wideTrail			Phone:	+45 25481225
Pilevænget 41		Email:
DK-8961  Allingåbro	Web:

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