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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Please welcome yuzuki as CouchDB's new IRC bot
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2008 08:54:10 GMT
Hello Couch Potatos,

As an experiment I am running an IRC bot in #couchdb on

The bot's name is yuzuki and she's a running instance of phenny:

Please be kind to her... ;)

In addition to the standard modules available I have developed a custom CouchDB
module which will search the CouchDB wiki for information matching a query.

You can invoke the CouchDB help like so:

  .couch QUERY

Examples speak a thousand words:

  08:35 < nslater> .couch overview
  08:35 < yuzuki> "A quick overview to CouchDB, it's philosophy, architecture,
                  strengths and weaknesses." -

  08:36 < nslater> .couch views
  08:36 < yuzuki> "A simple introduction to CouchDB views." -

  08:36 < nslater> .couch troubleshooting
  08:36 < yuzuki> "A step by step troubleshooting guide for CouchDB." -

If you want to add a topic for yuzuki it's as simple as adding a page to the wiki.

To change the displayed summary edit the first paragraph of the wiki page matched.

I have gone through all the pages linked from the front page of the wiki and
added a small descriptive first paragraph. These could be improved and I'm sure
there are lots of pages I've missed, so feel free to help out by editing pages.

Questions? Feedback? Ideas? Just let me know....


Noah Slater <>

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