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From Riyad Kalla <>
Subject Re: CouchDB / 200 sites global replication *without* full mesh
Date Tue, 27 May 2014 12:39:29 GMT
1. "Any way to do with CouchDB?" - Yes

2. "Anyone already doing this?" - Not sure, maybe someone on the thread can
weigh in. I don't think global/master-master replicated setups are that
uncommon in CouchDB land though.

3. "Is it possible to connect 200 servers this way?" - Technically, yes,
but I would probably recommend you go with a smaller master-master
replicated network, one in each major region and then allow a bunch of
slaves around each primary to do master-slave replication. I say that
because EVERY master-master replication you have setup is an opportunity
for a replication conflict. Those may introduce unexpected results into
your network, so try and minimize them. I'd also point out that every
single write to every single database having a potential 200x write
multiplier across your mesh network might have unforseen consequences
especially during times of heavy traffic -- this is just a gut feeling,
nothing scientific.

4. "How is the performance?" - Replication in CouchDB happens almost
instantaneously, so your big question here is frequency and network lag.

5. "Tools that might be better suited?" - Not sure about better
(multi-master is a common boon of CouchDB), but Netflix does this with
Cassandra (the setup is non-trivial and very large though), you can
accomplish something similar with Riak (random: but it bothers me their
CEO, CTO and Chief Arch all quit at the same time), I believe Couchbase
also supports multi-master and I would never rule out PostgreSQL only
because it is such a damn nice datastore (may need 3rd party software for
multi-master setup -

On Tue, May 27, 2014 at 2:35 AM, Paketix <> wrote:

> dear community,
> I would like to implement global configuration replication for a cloud
> service.
> the customer can update its service configuration at any site and changes
> are replicated worldwide.
> eg.
> main CouchDB sites in
> - USA
> - Europe
> - Asia
> main sites are full-mesh connected OR connected like a backbone (
> USA---Europe---Asia ) always with bi-directional replication between main
> sites.
> sub sites in each region are connected in a ‚LDAP tree‘ way which connects
> to main site in the region.
> eg:
> - Western Europe will do a bi-directional replication to Europe node only
> - France node will do a bi-directional replication to Western Europe node
> only
> - Germany node will do a bi-directional replication to Western Europe node
> only
> - and so on …
> this would mean a 3-layered approach down to each country node
> a fourth layer may consist of different towns in the county
> eg:
> - Frankfurt node will do a bi-directional replication to Germany node only
> - Berlin node will do a bi-directional replication to Germany node only
> any way to do such a structure with CouchDB?
> anyone already using such a strucure?
> is it possible to connect 200 servers this way (globally)?
> any ideas about replication time to expect in such a configuration (if
> possible at all…)?
> are there tools which are better suited to implement my needs?
> hope this is not too crazy of an idea :)
> kind regards
> /pat

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