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From Matthieu Rakotojaona <>
Subject Re: CouchDB / 200 sites global replication *without* full mesh
Date Tue, 27 May 2014 19:20:39 GMT
Excerpts from Paketix's message of 2014-05-27 11:35:54 +0200:
> any way to do such a structure with CouchDB?
> is it possible to connect 200 servers this way (globally)?

The issue you have here is that CouchDB is really "low-level" in that it
only manages 1-1 replication. A global mesh of CouchDB nodes will need a
third-party tool.

> any ideas about replication time to expect in such a configuration (if possible at all…)?

You can consider replication to be instant on the application level;
all the time will be spent in the network. You're going to have to find
an excellent third-party tool that guarantees short paths from any node
to any other node if you want global synchronization to happen fast :)

> are there tools which are better suited to implement my needs?

Your problem looks like it could be solved by multicast trees or
spanning trees, just like IRC networks. The goal of such structures is
to make sure a message spreads through the network with as few
duplicates as possible. 
The notorious problem of IRC networks though (and spanning trees in
general) is that whenever a node fails, your network is split; there is
no redundancy in the links (of course, because it's the whole point of
spanning trees)

I don't know of any application that does this easily, though.

> hope this is not too crazy of an idea :)

Actually, this is one of the most interesting use of CouchDB, so if you
come up with something interesting, please share !

> kind regards
> /pat

Matthieu Rakotojaona

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