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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: Help with a replicator incompatibility/crash?
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2014 14:01:29 GMT
I commented with a summary on the ticket again:

I talked this over with @rnewson. The scenario appears to be this:

[14:39:41]  <+rnewson>	 but for the replicator to know to fetch "_design/foo" the source
must have said it in the changes feed.
[14:40:06]  <+rnewson>	 if the source says "_design/foo" was updated *and* 404's when
you fetch it, I don't see how it's the replicators problem.

In CouchDB, the above scenario is still possible, but rather rare. In addition, CouchDB will
retry this if it fails and unless you look at the docs, you are none the wiser that this has

The solution here is two-fold:
1. CouchDB should add a clause to handle non-200 responses and print a sensible error message
about violating replication protocol expectations (we really need a proper spec soon).
2. sync_gateway should not send a _changes feed line for documents that can result in a 404,
and/or handle the fact that CouchDB (pre-fix) bails on that or (post-fix) returns a sensible

On 30 Jan 2014, at 14:47 , Adam Kocoloski <> wrote:

> Correct, the CouchDB replicator fails on a 404 there.  There are relatively few occasions
where the replicator will skip data and run to completion -- explicit validate_doc_update
rejections and MD5 mismatches on attachments are two that come to mind.
> We could / should have the discussion about whether the replicator should make progress
in the event of other failure modes like this one.  I could make a case for it, but I worry
that no one will pay attention to any warning message or metric that gets reported.
> Adam
> On Jan 30, 2014, at 8:19 AM, Jan Lehnardt <> wrote:
>> I commented on the issue:
>> It looks like we are not handling a 404 in the function below, especially thefun(200,
Headers, StreamDataFun) -> bit (that’s like 171 in couch_replicator_api_wrap).
>> I’m not too familiar with that code, maybe one of Adam, Bob, Filipe, Benoit could
have a look?
>> cc dev@
>> open_doc_revs(#httpdb{} = HttpDb, Id, Revs, Options, Fun, Acc) ->
>>   Path = encode_doc_id(Id),
>>   QArgs = options_to_query_args(
>>       HttpDb, Path, [revs, {open_revs, Revs} | Options]),
>>   Self = self(),
>>   Streamer = spawn_link(fun() ->
>>           send_req(
>>               HttpDb,
>>               [{path, Path}, {qs, QArgs},
>>                   {ibrowse_options, [{stream_to, {self(), once}}]},
>>                   {headers, [{"Accept", "multipart/mixed"}]}],
>>               fun(200, Headers, StreamDataFun) ->
>>                   remote_open_doc_revs_streamer_start(Self),
>>                   {<<"--">>, _, _} = couch_httpd:parse_multipart_request(
>>                       get_value("Content-Type", Headers),
>>                       StreamDataFun,
>>                       fun mp_parse_mixed/1)
>>               end),
>>           unlink(Self)
>>       end),
>>   receive
>>   {started_open_doc_revs, Ref} ->
>>       receive_docs_loop(Streamer, Fun, Id, Revs, Ref, Acc)
>>   end;
>> On 29 Jan 2014, at 16:35 , Jens Alfke <> wrote:
>>> A developer has reported a CouchDB 1.3 exception/crash replicating with the Couchbase
Sync Gateway. They've attached the Erlang crash report, but those are about as readable to
me as ancient Aramaic, or the logos* of black-metal bands :(
>>> Could someone who knows CouchDB take a look and give me a clue about what it
might be taking exception [sic] to? In my experience, there are some areas where it gets very
picky about parsing incoming data, for example the number of newlines at the end of a multipart
body. If I had some idea what type of data it was reading when it barfed, that would help
me figure this out...
>>> Thanks!
>>> —Jens
>>> * viz.:

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