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From Benjamin Young <>
Subject RE: CouchDB Weekly News – Submissions
Date Fri, 11 Sep 2015 20:22:54 GMT
Sad you won't be there. :( I'd hope to cross paths and chat about the future of all the things.

There's some ongoing work to the old `` project:

I'm hoping to cut a release before Budapest and post some more news items about CouchApp's,
how they work, and where they fit in this growing ecosystem of offline-first friendly (and
often mobile) apps.

Here's to crossing paths soon!

If anyone else is going to be there, and wants to talk CouchApp's, do tell! :)

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From: Johs Ensby [] 
Sent: Friday, September 11, 2015 2:43 AM
Subject: Re: CouchDB Weekly News – Submissions

I would have loved to attend to hear your update on couchapping
> On 11. sep. 2015, at 06.20, Benjamin Young <> wrote:

> Upholstering Apache CouchDB - Benjamin Young, The Hypothesis Project
> - <> In this tutorial we'll 
> take a look at various tools for building, integrating, and deploying CouchApps. We'll
take a deep dive into building a CouchApp: both the thought process and the code. Near the
end, we'll throw a replication party--moving the app between attendee devices sharing the
app and it's accumulated data.

A tool for building couchapps that I hope you will include: <>
Here's my plug for ermouth's PouchDB based Ddoc Lab:

It is in a class of its own, and includes a curated jQuery plugin set through his manifest
concept ( for writing web app w 2-way data binding (totally lost my interest for
React after seeing this). Ddoc Lab is a stack of problems solved in a easy to use tool that
will cut the learning curve of new HTML5 developers with 1-3 years.

I have been working with ermouth for tweeks on this and his other app in the same family "Inliner",
a Medium-style content tool with some very cool plugin features and offline by PouchDB. Ddoc
Lab also removes the need for small teams to use Github and build tools, a real benefit when
getting junior developers up to speed.
I bet this tool hasn't been intro'd on a conference yet, and I believe it has the potential
of opening up the CouchDB universe to a whole new class of junior developers. There is no
limit to what you can to with this tiny IDE, but the beauty is its UX. It allows you to modularize
your code beautifully.
You'll find a comparison table at <> covering Python
Couchapp/CouchDB Bootstrap/Erica


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