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From Michelle Phung <>
Subject Re: [NEWS] Fauxton visual guide
Date Mon, 17 Aug 2015 20:14:08 GMT
Hi Ermouth,

Regarding  the visual guide, I think there are some changes I can make right away:
namely the Hi at the end, and the Answers section. Someone brought this up before as well,
but the problem was, I wasn’t happy with just “thank you for reading.” or “goodbye”.

Regarding a designer who is familiar with Fauxton…
I don’t know any. 

The designers we have now will have to be caught up a bit on how CouchDB works, and how Fauxton
I would love to redesign the flow of information, but I’m not a very good designer, and
I’m not sure if I can convince people to go with designs from someone who doesn’t have
much design clout.

What did you think of my diagram last email for each section? I think I can implement it fairly
easily with css only.


> On Aug 17, 2015, at 10:28 AM, ermouth <> wrote:
> Hi, Michelle.
>> as they struggle against what’s going on with picture on the left side
> They won‘t struggle. Users just leave. Right now Fauxton UI is more
> self-explaining than guide for it.
>> I am still thinking about: should i redo the whole thing, or keep the
> design and just add a toggle for the above alternative view
> /*Putting on art-director hat*/
> Ask designer, who is familiar with Fauxton, to make it better. Or – redo it
> by yourself.
> Layout definitely requires much, much more work:
> * increase text contrast
> * remove ALL unnecessary gaps, start screens, irrelevant giant images and
> so on (you do not sell or advertise, you give info – so give info, not
> space)
> * comfortable position for long texts is center, not right side
> * text width must no exceed 700-800 px, better 700 than 800
> * put texts and images in a single column, zigzag reading is very annoying
> * most images can be trimmed from the bottom
> * since it‘s a guide, make navigation always visible
> * in Headers section most of screenshots can be combined in a single image
> * logically linked texts must not have n*100px gaps (like in Header bar
> section)
> * never make callouts, that are directed opposite to text (some of your
> callouts goes left, although text it at the right)
> Also it seems that Answers section at the end is completelly irrelevant.
> After reading guides most users have questions about the product itself,
> not about ‘How can I contribute’.
> Couch with Hi at the end is also completely irrelevant. Hi at the end? May
> be ‘Thank you for reading’?
> BR
> ermouth

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