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From Michelle Phung <>
Subject Re: [NEWS] Fauxton visual guide
Date Mon, 17 Aug 2015 13:39:49 GMT


I’m fan of your work! :D In particular, your work with jQuery

I’ve been meaning to ask you for UI help on new things in Fauxton, but time has a way of
slipping away from me…
What are you up to these days? I was asking on the dev mailing list for UI feedback about
Fauxton. I’d appreciate your feedback if you have the time :)

I have been thinking about this problem with the horizontal scrolling on the visual guide
over the weekend.

One idea that I had:
was to implement alternate .css file which a person could toggle, or which toggles, as they
struggle against what’s going on with picture on the left side.

then, for the toggle, the whole screenshot, could take up the full width of the web browser,
and beneath it, would have the corresponding text.

|					|
|					|	<—screenshot
|					|
|					|
|					|
|___________________ |
|					| 	<—text
|___________________ |

< —width of browser—>

I am still thinking about: should i redo the whole thing, or keep the design and just add
a toggle for the above alternative view.  

Personally, I like the design as it is :) 
[the idea came to me as an ephiphany!]

but I realize that other peoples browsers render scrollbars differently than mines does, and
I could be, maybe, I might be slightly biased….


> Do not think it‘s great. It‘s confusing. 
> It‘s unusable even on 1440x monitors and this kind of layout is innatural for western
cultures. So the sole format of manual makes it hard to read.
> Sorry.
> ermouth 
>> 2015-08-12 22:44 GMT+03:00 Alexander Shorin <>: 
>> > Hi everyone! 
>> >
>> > Michelle Phung made the great visual guide to Fauxton - the new 
>> > CouchDB web UI which will replace Futon in with 2.0 release. Check it
>> > out! 
>> > 
>> >
>> > 
>> > — 
>> > ,,,^..^,,,
>> > 

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