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From Giovanni Lenzi <>
Subject Re: Two names: CouchDB & Couch App Server
Date Sat, 09 May 2015 08:44:11 GMT
Hi Tim,

due to some bug I'm unable to log in at
> to test whether this is
> the case per
> ),

Can't understand... Do you get some errors? If you are trying to login to
frontend1 with "chatty" username, then an error is the intended chatty
behaviour, because he is granted on admin UI domain only(even if you can
relax this by modifying chatty ddoc). If you have more feedback about this,
I think we can talk privately, to not bore others.

> then *make a config option to make CouchDB require the Host header*.  It
> sounds easy to do, and the Host header is required in HTTP 1.1.  Or
> create a "default _rewrite path" configuration parameter as Giovanni
> described.  I expect this would make SmileUpps' CouchApp architecture
> secure for anyone who wants to use that architecture.
SmileUpps' CouchApp architecture
> is the only CouchApp architecture I'm aware of which has (almost)
> implemented document-level ACLs without some proxy server between the
> browser and CouchDB.

Ok, just want to be sure here, we are talking of same things. You are
referring to Smileupps way of writing apps here, right? Because Smileupps
"infrastructure" instead, heavily relies on proxies, so as far as we
thought it correctly, it shouldn't have such of these security concerns.
Otherwise I would really appreciate, if you could share, with us, these
kind of security concerns confidentially. :-)

> It seems to me a developer should learn Backbone
> or Angular before CouchApps (like the Chatty tutorial assumes:

> because they generally require 1) knowledge of a client-side framework,
> 2)  knowledge of CouchApps' file structure and functionality, and 3)
> implementing a very specific CouchApp configuration to be properly
> secured, CouchApps aren't really an entry point into web development.
> Instead, *CouchApps are **a way for non-novice developers to use CouchDB
> as both a database and an app server.*
Exactly! you are right. Our tutorial assumes Angular... and, of course, it
may not be exactly a tutorial for beginners... And maybe, we assumed many
other things a beginner probably doesn't get. But we started, just from
that kind of tutorial, to show how a non-novice developer can benefit of
couchdb awesome features and how he can do it safely.

I think too that tutorials for beginners, using plain javascript only, or
other frameworks are surely something the community could be interested to
help with.

>  Web apps don't live on the server anymore.  They live in your phone.

Until today, I never really understood how security could be really
implemented client-side only... I always imagined this kind of apps to be
more consumer-oriented, where security is not such a big concern, but not
for companies. Do you have some pointers talking about "offline-first and
nobackend security"? Thanks in advance.

6.  Market an accurate Venn diagram.
> 7.  My proposal.

Wow, this is a very deep and enlightening analysis!!!
I agree on all what you said and with the proposal.

Giovanni Lenzi
Smileupps Cloud App Store

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