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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Designs and decision making
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2015 22:37:28 GMT
Hi folks,

It was brought up on the private list that someone ought to clarify
how we plan to make decisions about design related stuff.

Having a place (page) where we can collect design ideas, branding
ideas, and logo ideas is neat. It allows us to get the feedback from
the community. But we should not run this as a design by committee.

Avoiding that is easy. The community selects a person or person(s) to
do the design. That person is then entrusted to do the stuff. No
voting necessary. And that person can collect feedback however they

If the person or person(s) decides on a design/brand/logo that the PMC
does not want to move forward with, the PMC can turn it down, like a
typical "client" situation.

It's important to remember that we try to avoid voting wherever
possible. :) So if this is what we're doing, let's just do it. Let's
nominate the designers and let them run with it.

Some analogies for the roles:

- Designer or design team: agency producing the design work
- Community (people on mailing lists): focus groups providing feedback
(and nothing more than that. Opinions to be taken as feedback only)
- PMC: client, gives the thumbs up or thumbs down

Make sense? :)

Noah Slater

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