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From Nick Pavlica <>
Subject Re: Concept Art 0.10-0.12
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2014 05:52:46 GMT

Sorry to negative towards this redesign process, but I find this utterly
> unprofessional.

Thanks for the feedback, communication is difficult at best.  I understand
that in your experience that this workflow may not be familiar.  However, I
would encourage you to learn more about the creative process as highlighted
in this article ( )
and others.  These techniques have been used for years in a wide variety of
professional environments.

> Imagine what the software would look like if is was developed without no
> purpose nor a professional process.
> - Hey, I’ve written a new piece of code, How about replacing the core
> module with this?
> - Awsome, I like line 3-5.
> - I like line number 10!! Great.
> - Thanks, I will write some new lines, this is fun!
In general terms this is exactly the process of developing software.
Something is created, others use or review it, and changes are made based
on the feedback of the user/reviewer.  This process has been the same since
I wrote my fist piece of software in 1982.  I have written many thousands
of lines of code, and the feedback and iteration cycles are getting
shorter, faster.  Just look at git-scm, and the hugely popular github.
These personify this paradigm, of fast iteration, community involvement,
and collaboration.

> It’s the first time I see a logo being developed by dozens of shots in the
> dark without any stated intention.

In the many design projects that I have been involved with, each has had an
idea phase where many ideas are explored.  Every conceptual image presented
thus far has design intention, the question we are trying to answer is
which of these design intentions is the right one.  These are not shots in
the dark, just stepping stones.

> I still haven’t seen any other reason for the redesign than that the guy
> in the couch has an “inviting” position.
> Are there any reasons for the redesign initiative?

The fact that many have voiced their interpretation of the image as
perverted is reason enough.  I did a small survey of people that know
nothing about CouchDB of their interpretation of the image.  They
unanimously, and independently, responded with: "A perverted guy sitting on
a couch". Certainly there are those that aren't bothered by the image, and
that's ok, but we can't discount those that are.  Do we really want to hold
onto something that can be seen in such a negative light, I hope not.
Additionally, what does the guy on the couch really say about CouchDB, it's
hard to find any kind of relevance.  It seemed more appropriate at the
beginning of the project when Damian was coding on his couch, and Chris was
rapping the praises of the project.  However, as time has passed it's
becomes less and less relevant to the product, and project.  You don't see
a guy on a couch in Chris and Damian's new venture CouchBase.  Now, is the
right time for the perverted guy on the couch to go away, especially with
the spark of new energy that CouchDB 2.0 will create.

Going forward,  I would graciously ask for your participation in this
creative process.  If you have a detailed vision of what the new logo
should be, please share it.  The more we work through ideas, the better the
product will be in the end.

-- Nick Pavlica

> johs
> > On 13 Nov 2014, at 03:13, Nick Pavlica <> wrote:
> >
> > All,
> >  I have continued to develop new "concept" art in hopes of furthering our
> > effort to update the CouchDB logo.  I have three distinct concepts for
> your
> > review and consideration.  Naturally these are works in progress, and are
> > intended to stimulate ideas, and conversation.  Additionally, a new motto
> > is being develop that will also effect the final product.  Versions ten,
> > and eleven are completely new ideas, while twelve builds on the old logo.
> >
> > v0.10: "Classy"
> >
> concept_art_10.pdf?dl=0
> >
> > v0.11: "Super Modern"
> >
> concept_art_11.pdf?dl=0
> >
> > v0.12: "Robots"
> >
> concept_art_12.pdf?dl=0
> >
> > Regards!
> > -- Nick Pavlica

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