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From Johs Ensby <>
Subject Re: Concept Art 0.10-0.12
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2014 04:02:25 GMT
Sorry to negative towards this redesign process, but I find this utterly unprofessional.

Imagine what the software would look like if is was developed without no purpose nor a professional
- Hey, I’ve written a new piece of code, How about replacing the core module with this?

- Awsome, I like line 3-5. 
- I like line number 10!! Great.
- Thanks, I will write some new lines, this is fun!

It’s the first time I see a logo being developed by dozens of shots in the dark without
any stated intention.
I still haven’t seen any other reason for the redesign than that the guy in the couch has
an “inviting” position.
Are there any reasons for the redesign initiative?

> On 13 Nov 2014, at 03:13, Nick Pavlica <> wrote:
> All,
>  I have continued to develop new "concept" art in hopes of furthering our
> effort to update the CouchDB logo.  I have three distinct concepts for your
> review and consideration.  Naturally these are works in progress, and are
> intended to stimulate ideas, and conversation.  Additionally, a new motto
> is being develop that will also effect the final product.  Versions ten,
> and eleven are completely new ideas, while twelve builds on the old logo.
> v0.10: "Classy"
> v0.11: "Super Modern"
> v0.12: "Robots"
> Regards!
> -- Nick Pavlica

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