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From Akshat Jiwan Sharma <>
Subject Benoit's interview
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2014 16:42:52 GMT
Hello everyone,

Benoit just posted the answers of the interview questions to me.  This
could go on this weeks of couchdb news or should it go in a seperate topic?
Not too sure about it. What do you think?

I am copy pasting this from the email:-

0. Tell me something about yourself. How long have you been working on
couchdb? What excites you about it?

1. What was the motivation behind the rcouch fork?

The initial reason was to create a pure Erlang release that could be easily
customized for specific needs. Especially for my customers and the refuge
project. It was also a way for us to move fast and freely on new features.

> 2. How did the structuring of rcouch differ from couchdb?

With the new master, the organization is quite the same even if we pushed
further the split between applications like the http api and some others
applications. We also have the possibility to build a static release

> 3. What challenges you faced/are facing in merging rcouch with couchdb?

The main difficulties is to keep the history of the couchdb project while
maintaining our own set of patches. Since the pace of updates in couchdb is
not that fast, updating rcouch doesn't require too much work though.

> 4. How is the "_changes for view" different from _changes with a _view
> filter?
The view filter that I added in couchdb is just wrapping the view function
and pass it over all docs in the database like any filter. It can be really
slow to do it when you start from 0.

The view changes however is done directly on indexes without evaluating the
JS function each times. It's much faster and efficient. It also offers the
possibility to merge different views and listen on events. More information
can be found on that page:

> 5. Does the rcouch play well with the big couch merge?

Merging the view changes and other features should be easy. Merge is in

> 6. Cheesecakes or chocolate pudding?

None really.  I prefer more simple sweets with less fat.

> 7. Will "_changes for view" work with third party extensions like
> couchdb-lucene?

I don't know. It can probably work since you're able to replicate docs
using a view change.

> 8.  What is the refuge project?

It aims to build a social data platform. Ie. It will define the protocols
needed to connects data sources between machines and people, coming from
devices, peoples or services in a decentralized manner. An implementation
of these protocols is also provided written in Erlang and other languages.

One simple example of what will be possible with the refuge platform, is
building a network of connected nodes on which you will be able to exchange
some blobs independently of the storage service. You will be able to
exchange smart contract to define the access and usages of a blob or a
collection of blobs in a P2P manner.

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