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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Re: [NEWS] Fedora news about CouchDB and systemd
Date Sun, 13 Jul 2014 19:38:45 GMT
Can you help translate this? Google isn't much help. It looks
not just extremely negative but extraordinarily crude, racist and


And finally, a fun and at the same time sad news. Unfortunately we are with our systemd-changes
were not a very good time for CouchDB. And it's not just two huge changes falling into git-repository
CouchDB right now - the transition from a test framework to test framework etap eunit and
merge with the project BigCouch , and two huge bombs of political correctness.

In-1 to hit the community DDoS-th discussion replacement master / slave terminology in non-racist
. This is a popular topic now - if we replace the expression established by the politically
correct, you'll get a 10 to your charisma in geymifitsirovannom reallayfe. No more pros will
not only meaningless distraction forces developers to discuss politically correct newspeak
. And in-2 revealed that the images used in examples of the advertising campaign of Barack
Obama or his opponent . We find it hard to say whose mascot was Joe The Plumber, because policy
in the United States by the look very similar - wars lead, both Republicans and Democrats,
so we do not know much about who's there and who to this amusement park .

To the credit of the community, both discussing not only spent too much energy of the participants
and taking place on Friday to be released early on Saturday and finished correcting both discussing
faster than in similar cases in other did the community, the developers continued programming.


Regardless of the final paragraph, I am appalled.

I sincerely hope that no one on the CouchDB committers list or PMC
had anything to do with this press release; in my opinion, it would
be grounds for immediate dismissal. The argument given trivialises
what is a serious issue for many, going beyond calling it a
"political correctness" change and delving deep into divisive

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