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From Lena Reinhard <>
Subject Re: [NEWS] This weeks's CouchDB News are ready for feedback
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2014 10:20:47 GMT
> Dave, as you know I did some work with Hugo in the Swirl project. My blog
> on the other hand is now created with jekyll. I have to admit, that jekyll
> is way easier to use and is also based on git (
> So my conclusion is that
> hugo is great for usage as a documentation tool and jekyll fits better for
> a blog.
> On the other hand, the software on is already a WP. So do
> we need to change that?

Although I heard Jekyll and Hugo are nice, I'd say:
- Community management hat: I'd love to choose a tool that keeps entry barriers low, also
for future committers. I know that many marketing people are used to WP and I'd definitely
love to get more non-coding committers on board and reduce dependencies. It's bad for devs
if marketing people have to ask for help frequently, also regarding lack of focus, and can
tend to be frustrating for marketing people, too. And the more we can reduce that from the
beginning, the better for the community.
- Personal hat: happy with anything, but used to WP :)) 
- Marketing hat: whatever makes migration easiest. Plus: WP could be good as it's already
there, and makes administration etc. easy. Also: tools preferred that enable independence.

>>> And who wants to do the data migration?
>> I can do it, I like tedious repetitive tasks that can be done whenever
>> a few spare minutes appear.
> he he :)
>> I should be able to revert the current
>> HTML versions into markdown via pandoc without too much pain.
> oh yes - I was wondering how we can manage that and pandoc should be
> perfect.
> When using pandoc in the way Dave proposed, it is maybe a good idea to
> rethink WP but I have to admit that I don't know with what format one can
> feed WP for content. Maybe also Markdown?

WP can't be fed with Markdown yet, unfortunately. WYSIWYG-editor-only.

Else: what Jan says :) 

>> A+
>> Dave
>> [1]:
>> [2]:
>> [3]:
> Cheers
> Andy
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> Andy Wenk
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