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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Re: CouchDB Weekly News May 1 are ready for feedback
Date Thu, 01 May 2014 11:07:35 GMT

Lena this is incredible, I had no idea how much stuff happens around couchdb.

So wow.
Such thanks.


From: Lena Reinhard
Date: 01. Mai 2014 at 11:44:16
Subject:  Re: CouchDB Weekly News May 1 are ready for feedback  

Great, thanks for the feedback and happy to hear!  

Pasting the updated HTML version below.  


CouchDB Weekly News - May 01, 2014  
<h4>Weekly CouchDB meeting – <a href="">summary</a></h4>
<li><strong>1.6.0 release</strong>: we are making progress, next is checking
if all bugs have been fixed</li>  
<li><strong>BigCouch merge status</strong>: Cloudant will now focus on the
BigCouch merge, visible progress should happen in the next couple of weeks</li>  
<li><strong>rcouch merge status</strong>: the testing is still in progress,
feedback will be provided to the mailing list; merge to the new integration branch can be
done after that feedback</li>  
<li><strong>Code of Conduct</strong>: the first version will now be drafted
based on the discussion on the mailing list (for details, see "Major Discussions" section
<li><strong>by-laws</strong>: everyone in the community is invited to read
the <a href="">draft</a>
and join the discussion (<a href="">see
thread</a>); please note that the bylaws now include a new idea about PMC chair rotation</li>
<li><strong>translation update</strong>: German translation is making good
progress (see status <a href="">here</a>)</li>
<h4>Major Discussions</h4>  
<h5>Apache CouchDB Diversity Statement (<a href="[DISCUSS]+Apache+CouchDB+Diversity+Statement.#query:[DISCUSS]">see
<p>This discussion was initiated with the suggestion to establish a project-wide Diversity
Statement. First, the idea was brought up to turn this document into a PMC charter, a document
that sets out what the PMC values, their commitment to diversity, and their pledge to the
project. The second idea was about how merit is being recognised and it was brought up to
broaden this around the four areas <em>community</em>, <em>project</em>,
<em>documentation</em> and <em>code</em>. <strong>"This is what
we value. This is what we will recognise. Our promise to the community."</strong> (Noah
Slater) It was agreed on creating two documents, one for the PMC charter, a second one for
<h5>Discussion: Project by-laws (ongoing discussion; <a href="">see
<p>Proposal to vote in set of project by-laws that define the specific roles in this
community and the decision making procedures that are used. The first draft of the by-laws
has been discussed and modified accordingly and can be found <a href="">here</a>.
Comments are very welcome.</p>  
<h5>Apache CouchDB Developer Code of Conduct (ongoing discussion; <a href="[VOTE]+Release+Apache+CouchDB+1.6.0-rc.3#query:[VOTE]">see
<p>The PMC initiated a thread on moving forwards establishing an Apache CouchDB Developer
Code of Conduct (CoC for short). Example Codes of Conduct from <a href="">Debian</a>,
<a href="">Python</a>, <a href="">Django</a>
, <a href="">Bantik</a>, <a href="">Node.JS</a>
and the <a href="">Node.JS IRC
channel policy</a> were as well considered and discussed as transparency, the consequences
of infractions and the differentiation between minor offences and major offences, how to deal
with profanity and how this applies to IRC and the moderation policy there.</p>  
<h5>HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) / HIPAA 5010 / PIPEDA
compliance (<a href="">see
<p>Question on building applications using CouchDB while having to follow HIPAA compliance.
As for the legal topic this is, the community strongly recommended the user get in touch with
a lawyer and getting proper compliancy and regulatory guidance.</p>  
<h5><a id="load-spike-discussion"></a>CouchDB load spike (<a href="">see
thread</a>, see also the same question <a href="">on
<p>Setup: CouchDB 1.5.0, database with &lt; 10 GB of data in it and continuous replication.
Every few hours (3-4 times per day) they recognise a huge spike that floors the load to around
1.5 and memory usage to close to 100%. It turned out there was a similar issue that was already
discussed (<a href="">link to gist</a>). The user
filed issue <a href="">COUCHDB-2231</a>.</p>

<p>Tips for general CouchDB monitoring and graphs drawing tools to check what's causing
huge spikes (from Alexander Shorin, see <a href="">this
<li><a href="">Munin plugin for CouchDB
monitoring</a> – It doesn’t handle system metrics for the CouchDB process yet, but
that will be added soon; users should make sure they have a similar plugin for their monitoring
<li><a href="">Skyline</a>, a detector for
spikes and other anomalies</li>  
<li><a href="">Oculus</a>, a metrics correlation
tool that makes it very easy to compare multiple graphs for an anomaly period with it.</li>
<h5>Release Apache CouchDB 1.6.0 rc3 (ongoing testing and discussion; <a href="[VOTE]+Release+Apache+CouchDB+1.6.0-rc.3#query:[VOTE]">see
<p>Some issues have already been fixed, the testing is still ongoing. Find all release
artefacts we are voting on <a href="">in
this list</a>. If you want to test, please follow this <a href="">test
procedure</a>. The changes since last vote round can be found <a href=";a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/1.6.x">here</a>.</p>
<h4>Releases in the CouchDB Universe</h4>  
<li><a href="">yama</a> – mail app, work
in progress; syncs CouchDB instance with an email inbox for RESTful email</li>  
<li><a href="">tornado-couchdb
0.2.3</a> – Blocking and non-blocking (asynchronous) clients for CouchDB using Tornado's
<li><a href="">loveseat 0.0.11</a>
– very limited CouchDB interface</li>  
<li><a href="">follow-db-updates
0.0.2</a> – easy CouchDB _db_changes follower, with older couch pollyfill</li>
<li><a href="">seneca-couchdb-changes
0.1.0</a> – emit seneca.js events for all events in a couchdb _changes feed</li>
<li><a href="">changes-stream 1.0.3</a>
– simple module that handles getting changes from couchdb</li>  
<li><a href="">neuropil 3.0.2</a>
– a lighter and faster registry client for CouchDB based npm server</li>  
<li><a href="">nano 5.8.0</a> – minimalistic
CouchDB driver for node.js</li>  
<li><a href="">couch_tap 0.0.2</a> –
providing a DSL that allows complex CouchDB documents to be converted into rows in a RDBMS'
<li><a href="">Building
resilient infrastructure with CouchDB</a> – slides from a talk at <a href="">NoSQL
<li><a href="Some%20Thoughts on Go and Erlang">Some Thoughts on Go and Erlang</a></li>
<li><a class="title" href=""
rel="bookmark">Compare-And-Swap; lockless paradigm with CouchDB/Cloudant</a></li>
<li>Erlang for Web Developers with Leptus Micro-Framework</li>  
<h4>Use Cases, Questions and Answers</h4>  
<li>Note on a use case, written by Dave Cottlehuber (see <a href="">email</a>):
<strong>Creating databases for new users signing up with a CouchDB login.</strong>
– A common pattern for CouchDB is to have a per-user database, because this is the only
boundary where CouchDB enforces user permissions for security. It also makes replicating user
data to another device very straightforwards. When you have a new user signing up with a CouchDB
login, you’ll often want to create a database for them immediately. While there’s no built-in
feature to do this for you, the CouchDB community have of course rolled their own like these:
<li><a href="">couchperuser</a></li>
<li><a href="">couchdb-dbpersuser-provisioning</a></li>
<li>Personal Blog, how-to: <a href="">Installing
CouchDB 1.5.1 on Amazon Linux AMI 2014.03.1</a></li>  
<li>Stack Overflow: <a class="question-hyperlink" href="">CouchDB
not Working on Android Emulator</a></li>  
<li>Stack Overflow: <a class="question-hyperlink" href="">Couchdb
document deletion and performance</a></li>  
<li>Stack Overflow: <a class="question-hyperlink" href="">Is
it possible to conditionally revoke read access to a database in CouchDB?</a> (closed)</li>
<li>Stack Overflow: <a class="question-hyperlink" href="">Can
a view in Cloudant be filtered on parameters that weren't part of [its] key</a></li>
<li>Stack Overflow: <a class="question-hyperlink" href="">add
an attachment to a document in couch db using nodejs</a></li>  
<li>Stack Overflow: <a class="question-hyperlink" href="">CouchDB
load spike (even with low traffic)?</a> (question has also been asked on user@ mailing
list. See discussion summary <a href="#load-spike-discussion">here</a>)</li>
<li>Stack Overflow: <a class="question-hyperlink" href="">CouchDB
filtering metadata during sync</a></li>  
<li>Stack Overflow: <a class="question-hyperlink" href="">User
Authentication using CouchDB Android</a></li>  
<li>Stack Overflow: <a class="question-hyperlink" href="">ubuntu
couchDb not starting on change of database_dir path</a> (no public answer yet)</li>
<li>Stack Overflow: <a class="question-hyperlink" href="">Join
two different documents in couchdb using futon map program?</a></li>  
<li>Stack Overflow: <a class="question-hyperlink" href="">How
to structure class for Couchdb HTTP api?</a> (no public answer yet)</li>  
<li><a href="">couchdb
still at 1.5.0-2 even though it has been updated to 1.5.1-1 two weeks ago</a></li>
<li><a href="">local
(1.5.1-1) is newer than community (1.5.0-2)</a> (solved)</li>  
<li><a href="">Android-User
Authentication using CouchDB Android</a> (no public answer yet)</li>  
<li>Personal blog, question: <a href="">Can
replication on CouchDB be faster on production server?</a> (no public answer yet)</li>
<h4>Get involved!</h4>  
If you want to get into working on CouchDB:  
<li><a href=""><strong>rcouch
Merge</strong></a>: Erlang hackers and CouchDB users, we need your help with testing
and review of the rcouch merge. It's easy! Find the how-to <a href="">in
this post</a>.</li>  
<li>Here's a <a href="[12310270]%20%3D%20%22New%20Contributors%20Level%20%28Easy%29%22">list
of <strong>beginner tickets</strong></a> around our currently ongoing <a
href="">Fauxton</a>-implementation. If
you have any questions or need help, don't hesitate to contact us in the couchdb-dev IRC room
(#couchdb-dev) – Garren (garren) and Sue (deathbear) are happy to help.</li>  
<li>You want join us for the updates of <strong>CouchDB-Python</strong>
for Python 3? Take a look at <a href="">issue
We'd be happy to have you!  
<li>May 13, Hamburg, Germany: the first <a href="">CouchDB
User Group meeting</a> in Hamburg</li>  
<li>May 13, New York, USA: <a href="">Database
Superstars Panel, Future of NoSQL &amp; NewSQL</a>: CouchDB, NuoDB, OracleNoSQL</li>
<h4>Job opportunities for people with CouchDB skills</h4>  
<li><a href="">Database
Architect with NoSQL DB/ Mongo DB/ Couch DB</a>, <em>Noida, India</em></li>
<h4>… and also in the news</h4>  
<li><span id="eow-title" class="watch-title yt-uix-expander-head" dir="ltr" title="The
Two Ronnies - The Confusing Library">Sketch: <a href="">The
Two Ronnies - The Confusing Library</a> (which could also just be about indexing data)</span></li>
<li><a href="">Not on App Store</a> – because
there isn't an app for everything</li>  
<em>Posted on behalf of Lena Reinhard.</em>  


On 01.05.2014, at 11:33, Jan Lehnardt <> wrote:  

> Heya Lena,  
> outstanding work, again :) Thanks so much! I only have a tiny nitpick:  
> On 01 May 2014, at 09:56 , Lena Reinhard <> wrote:  
>> Suddenly, it doesn't handles system metrics for  
>> CouchDB process which will be added soon  
> I’d change that to:  
> “It doesn’t handle system metrics for the CouchDB process yet, but that will be added
> Best  
> Jan  
> --  

  Dave Cottlehuber
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