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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject [NEWS] Your link for the CouchDB Weekly News?
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2014 17:08:55 GMT
Hi some items for next edition:

A common pattern for couchdb is to have a per-user database, because this is the only boundary
where couchdb enforces user permissions for security. It also makes replicating user data
to another device very straightforwards.

When you have a new user signing up with a couchdb login, you’ll often want to create a
database for them immediately. While there’s no built-in feature to do this for you, the
CouchDB community have of course rolled their own:

Here’s a couple of options, one in Erlang/OTP and the other in Node:

Of note, etrepum, is also the primary author of the super mochiweb library,
which provides the http(s) support for couchdb. We’d not be the same without that!

- Jan maybe you have a hoodie thing to add for this too, or know if couchperuser has been
done as a Couch Plugin
- not sure on netiquette whether we should add real names, but if so twitter/irl:

@etrepum: Bob Ippolito
@pegli: Paul Egli

Dave Cottlehuber
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