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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: Provide short annotation for shared posts
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2014 16:07:34 GMT
I'm the one who posts to Google+ and uses very short descriptions. All
I'm doing is posting a link. Like when you submit a link to HN or

Is it common to provide a precis for shared links on Google+?

On 8 April 2014 13:59, Alexander Shorin <> wrote:
> Hello,
> Recently shared blog posts on G+ starts and ends with the next words:
>> New blog post!
>> Roll up, roll up. Read all about it!
>> Roll up, roll up. Read all about it. Get your copy of the CouchDB Weekly News, March
>> New post by +Andreas Wenk!
>> Woo hoo! See you there!
> These reminds me old good 90x with NEW! HOT! links, blinking colorful
> texts, marquee magic and a lot of animation on the page. Suddenly,
> these good old times had gone away, so could we please provide some
> more information about shared items? Technically, this should be first
> paragraph from shared post which included the main idea of all the
> text, but there is a lot of space for improvisation to highlight the
> idea.
> I understand reasons about having some short description there: it's
> easy to copy-paste news between twitter / reddit / g+ and others
> without care about text size limitation, but we should respect
> community rules: what's good for twitter, may be not for g+ and fb and
> if we have a chance to provide more text, the interesting intro to our
> news that would be more attractive for newcomers and respectful for
> the people who don't want waste their time on things in the web with
> crying titles.
> In our information age it's very easy to produce and share
> information. To manage this huge stream of information everyone sets
> own inner filter to ignore all the trash and catch up only interesting
> bits. Suddenly, our current news stream on g+ is a trash with no
> useful bits. It could be better, it could be interesting.
> When you're walking at night and looking on the sky you see thousands
> stars there. If the new one will raise there you would never notice
> that. You'll probably wouldn't spend more than 5 minutes looking on
> them. However, if only you had an Augment Reality device which would
> show a short description for every star in the focus and highlight the
> new ones, I bet sky-watching process would be more interesting for you
> and will lasts not a single hour.
> Let's make our posts on communities better to attract [more] people
> and raise the discussion around. Let's annotate our stars.
> Thanks.
> --
> ,,,^..^,,,

Noah Slater

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