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From Garren Smith <>
Subject Re: Lena says hi // The CouchDB weekly news
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2014 10:02:04 GMT
Hi Lena,

This is great. I think a Couchdb weekly will work really well. How would be the best way to
send you links or information. I work on Fauxton (the new Couchdb web UI), and it would be
nice to let you know when we add new feature thats worth telling the larger community about.


On 24 Mar 2014, at 11:41 AM, Lena Reinhard <> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I'm Lena, a Berlin-based writer and photographer and working on Hoodie's ( marketing
and communications for one year now. Besides, I'm helping out with marketing for various conferences
like Reject.js, Nodecopter and CSSConf EU. 
> I got into CouchDB via Jan L. and Noah who also came up with the idea to start a "CouchDB
weekly news" collection on the CouchDB blog. And this is what I'd like to share my thoughts
on with you.
> The idea is to give everyone who's interested a weekly-issued, short overview of what
is happening in the CouchDB universe - including all (or at least the most) important things
that have been going on in the past week.
> I've been doing a similar weekly link collection for Hoodie's blog for almost one year
now (find all posts here:
). It helped us a lot in a few ways: after a few weeks, people started asking for it when
we couldn't post it once. It also helps us reach more people, spread our own content better
and all in all we got a lot of very good feedback. People tell us they're looking forward
to these posts each week.
> And I think, in general and based on all the things Noah and Jan told me about the CouchDB
community, that it could be possible to reach something similar for CouchDB, too. Due to the
different community structure, the CouchDB weekly news will be far more tech-focussed than
the ones I'm doing for Hoodie. My work on this will be supported by Cloudant; Jan and Noah
have already agreed to give me general feedback, especially in the first weeks.
> I'm aiming to dive deeper into what's happening in the CouchDB community for reasons
of personal curiosity and interest; and I'm definitely hoping to support your work on CouchDB's
Marketing with this in the long term. I'll also aim for supporting CouchDB's marketing with
other work besides these "weekly news", I'll try to keep track of the things I can do via
this mailing list and also stay in contact with Noah :)
> - release: weekly on thursdays at 11am UTC on CouchDB's blog
> - similar to
> 	- Major discussions on mailing lists, blogs, a short summary of discussions in the weekly
CouchDB meeting and around
> 	- News in the universe
> 	- Releases
> 	- Events
> 	- New Committers and PMC Members
> 	- plus: 1-2 "and also in the news" things (something funny, … which doesn't have to
be technical)
> ---
> This is currently the main things I got about this (I hope I didn't forget anything).
I'll be trying to get into this in the next weeks and I'd really appreciate your feedback.
So if you'd love to add things here, know about a relevant source / piece of writing that
should be in there or want to give general feedback: I'd really love to hear from you.
> Looking forward to working with you!
> Best from Berlin
> Lena
> --
> Lena Reinhard
> Twitter:

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