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From Garren Smith <>
Subject Re: myNoSQL note on HipChat
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2014 08:24:07 GMT
Hi All,

I’m really no expert in marketing but one of the marketing approaches I think we need to
look at is a weekly newsletter. I love the javascript weekly email (
its a great way to keep up with the latest js news. If we could get something like that going
I think it would make a huge difference. It would show how active Couchdb is. Even if we make
it monthly instead of weekly. I see there is a NoSQL weekly (,
the sample has a Couchdb article. If we could get some more content on that as well it would


On 18 Feb 2014, at 8:18 PM, Noah Slater <> wrote:

> Fantastic news!!
> On Tuesday, 18 February 2014, Andy Ellicott <> wrote:
>> Yeah, we're planning to move forward with AdvocateHub too. We can trade
>> tips as we do.
>> On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 12:15 PM, Noah Slater <> wrote:
>>> Unfortunately, it needs to be a regular effort. Very hard to rely on
>>> volunteer effort, especially with a cadence as tight as one week.
>>> Benjamin, are you interested in helping out with the blog? Max has
>>> indicated that he is interested in reposting some of the content he
>>> writes for Cloudant on the project blog. Would you be willing to do
>>> the same?
>>> I'm also pleased to say that it looks like we're able to move forward
>>> with our AdvocateHub, which is my big focus for 2014. So I'd love your
>>> help on that too, if you can spare the cycles.
>>> cf.
>>> On 18 February 2014 16:25, Benjamin Young <> wrote:
>>>> On 2/18/14, 10:00 AM, Noah Slater wrote:
>>>>> Think we need to pay someone to do this. It's too much for a volunteer
>>>>> to do. I know, because I tried it and I failed. Exploring some
>>>>> options. Will get back to the list with details later.
>>>> It is a gargantuan task which is why I'd hoped it could be a community
>>>> effort. :) It should still be regardless of someone being hired to
>> click
>>> the
>>>> links, etc.
>>>> Cloudant, fwiw, already has developer advocates, etc on payroll who's
>>> job it
>>>> is to do "this sort of thing" (I'm one of them, fwiw). Some of my
>> cycles
>>>> already go to finding (or writing) interesting bits about Cloudant and
>>>> Apache CouchDB bringing peoples attention to them.
>>>> I'll start relaying interesting finds to this list, and anyone who
>> wants
>>>> (payed or otherwise) can hopefully help with (re)promotion.
>>>> If nothing else, we'll keep this list stocked with interesting content
>>> about
>>>> CouchDB. :)
>>>>> On 18 February 2014 15:51, Benjamin Young <>
>>> wrote:
>>>>>> On 2/18/14, 9:39 AM, Noah Slater wrote:
>>>>>>> "This is only the 2nd time in quite a while I'm reading an article
>>>>>>> mentioning CouchDB -- after the February
>>>>>>> "no-releases-but-we're-still-merging-BigCouch" report for ASF.
>>>>>>> according to the story, CouchDB is on the way out."
>>>>>>> Aye. We really need to get this next release out.
>>>>>>> But to get back to the topic: what we really need is someone
who can
>>>>>>> collect weekly news and do a regular blog post with a link round-up
>>>>>>> that points people to all the stuff going on in the world of
>> CouchDB.
>>>>>>> Sort of like how the Hoodie project do it.
>>>>>> I'd love to see this happen--and had plans to do it for years/months
>>> past
>>>>>> both on my own and at Cloudant. Time's come, I guess. :)
>>>>>> To that end, what if we simply begin sharing CouchDB ecosystem
>> related
>>>>>> links
>>>>>> on this marketing@ list and each do what we can to promote them
>>> (retweet,
>>>>>> reblog, sum up in a weekly post on our personal/company blogs, etc).
>>>>>> I'd love to see the PMC aggregate these into a weekly/bi-weekly or
>> even
>>>>>> monthly "CouchDB Land Links" (or whatever).
>>>>>> The more of us linking (and posting, etc) these things, the greater
>>>>>> chance
>>>>>> it has to raise the volume for CouchDB.
>>>>>> Sound like a plan?
> -- 
> Noah Slater

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