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From Facundo Farias <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] How to spread the word about CouchDB - some marketing stuff
Date Sun, 22 Dec 2013 13:09:39 GMT
Wow! That's awesome. I have to take a look and find which are the tech
magazines that we have in Latin America (Spanish speakers) but I also would
like to write a blog in the official's couchdb blog. The only question in
here is.. Should we write on our own language, right!? About our
experiences or anything!?
Well done Andy! I like it!

On Dec 22, 2013 9:40 AM, "Andy Wenk" <> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> first of all, I would like to wish everyone nice Christmas days. My kids
> say "yeah - just two more times sleeping :) ".
> After having read Jan's summary about what was achieved within the last
> year in the CouchDB project and based on some earlier thoughts I had, I
> would like to start a thread to find out, how we can spread the word about
> CouchDB even more. We have people from over the world participating and
> contributing to CouchDB what is fantastic. Now I would love to see them
> talk and write about CouchDB.
> The following thoughts are based on the things Noah is already doing on
> this topic. That means I would like to support and extend the things Noah
> has initiated already.
> As there are already 15 different languages we translate CouchDB to, my
> first thought was to ask the translators to take another task and checkout
> which press-channels are suitable to get in touch with and talk to people
> there in their country.
> As an example, I have contacts to various German magazines and asked my
> contact person at my publisher Galileo Computing to send me a list of
> channels they let review books or simply post news to (I will receive the
> list soon). I then want to add the contacts I have and contact these
> persons to ask them in which interval I can send news to them. This should
> then be stored in a simple app (e.g. Mailchimp or something self built) to
> be able to send news very easily.
> Having contact to these magazines could also be extended to write articles
> there. I really like it but have to admit, that this is time consuming. I
> have written some (if you like, have a look here - German only - sry:
> This is a super tool to reach
> many people.
> Another thing is writing blog posts. Everybody likes to write blog posts -
> he :) ? This is also a very great tool to spread the word. And it does not
> has to be a technical article at all. It's also cool to write about things
> going on in the Community like the BigCouch and rcouch merge, hackaton,
> I18n and so on.
> Then we have all the social media channels and the Apache CouchDB blog at
> Noah already asked us (the community) to
> use these tools. Imho we can still do better and write more.
> So in summary, here are the points I would like to discuss:
> a. what do we have already to spread the word about CouchDB?
> b. what would you personally like to do to spread the word about CouchDB?
> c. how can we organise this?
> d. which tools can we use?
> e. is it feasible / reasonable to find a responsible person per language /
> country?
> f. any further ideas?
> My short answers and what I know are:
> a.
> -
> -
> - (we need
> or the like :) )
> -
> - reddit
> - hn
> b.
> - write about CouchDB in the social media channels
> - write blog posts at CouchDB blog
> - write in planet couchdb
> - write in personal blog
> - write articles for magazines
> - send news to magazines and websites
> - attend conferences and speak about CouchDB
> c.
> - to be discussed
> d.
> - for sending news - are there any?
> - start a list and use a mail tool
> e.
> - yes - I would take the job for Gemany
> f.
> - write a book about CouchDB
> I am looking forward to all your thoughts and input. And thanks a lot to
> Noah for the great job he is doing about this!
> Cheers
> Andy
> --
> Andy Wenk
> Hamburg - Germany
> RockIt!
> GPG fingerprint: C044 8322 9E12 1483 4FEC 9452 B65D 6BE3 9ED3 9588

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