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From "Kevin R. Coombes" <>
Subject Re: CouchDB problem with slow filter, even in Erlang
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2013 17:11:42 GMT
Have you compacted both the database and the views?

I ran into an issue where even paging through the results of a view 
always slowed down substantially when I got to about document number 
10000.  After compacting the view, the problem went away.


On 3/14/2013 9:00 AM, Arne Fischer wrote:
> We are using CouchDB as a Database in a Mobile context. Because of this performance and
data size is a problem and very important to us.
> We tried writing a filter in erlang within a design element, but sadly we didn't notice
a upgrade in speed. It takes us about 3 minutes to find documents within a database of 90k
> These filters will later be used to replicate the database to a mobile device.
> Code samples are in this
Stack overflow post.
> How is it possible to increase filter speed?
> Is it a mistake to write erlang filters within the _design/ documents? If yes where do
you put the filter?
> We would really like to use CouchDB more and this is hindering us right now.
> kind regards,
> Arne Fischer

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