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From Robert Samuel Newson <>
Subject [DISCUSS] couchdb 4.0 transactional semantics
Date Mon, 13 Jul 2020 18:05:48 GMT
Hi All,

I'm concerned to see the restart_fold function in fabric2_fdb (
in the 4.0 development branch.

The upshot of doing this is that a CouchDB response could be taken across multiple snapshots
of the database, which is not the behaviour of CouchDB 1 through 3.

I don't think this is ok (with the obvious and established exception of a continuous changes
feed, where new snapshots are continuously visible at the end of the response).

FoundationDB imposes certain limits on transactions, the most notable being the 5 second maximum
duration. I understand that automatically resetting the FDB txn during a response is an attempt
to work around that and maintain "compatibility" with CouchDB < 4 semantics. I think it
fails to do so and is very misleading.



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