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From Jonathan Hall <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] A direction from a non-contributor
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2019 10:12:02 GMT

> Does Kivik aim to become UnQL-alternative for any database independent 
> of its design?

Kivik aims to provide a pluggable, fully-functional driver for Go 
programs interacting with CouchDB, and to provide tooling to facilitate 
the testing, automation, and maintenance of apps using CouchDB.  I have 
no personal goals relating to UnQL. That doesn't mean it couldn't be 
done if someone has the desire to do it.

It should be possible to create a UnQL (or even SQL) frontend for Kivik. 
It's just a matter of someone taking the time to design the spec, and 
implement it.  If you, or someone else, wants to undertake such a 
project, I'm happy to provide whatever support I can, when it comes to 
interacting with Kivik. And I'd love to link to the project once it's 


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