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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: CouchDB and future
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2019 18:44:13 GMT

CouchDB 1.x is no longer supported, even for security updates. 

CouchDB 4.0, the one with foundationdb, will reinstate a few couchdb 1.x semantics, particularly
in the _changes response. 


> On 8 Jul 2019, at 16:24, Chintan Mishra <> wrote:
> Interesting. I started using CouchDB since 2.0+. So, I am not aware of the benefits of
the older versions. I will look into those releases. However, it appears that they won't be
maintained in the future.
> I couldn't agree more about PouchDB for Web.
> On 08/07/19 8:33 PM, ermouth wrote:
> CouchDB as it is now will be a poor fit for embedded systems/IoTs.
>> This is too bold and broad, sorry. Indeed, 2.x is poor fit, because it
>> demands regular if not daily maintenance and has substantial amount of
>> issues. With no doubts FDB-based release will have even more problems, not
>> because of FDB or IoT by itself, but because any re-architectured solution
>> is full of issues and not yet covered corner cases.
>> However, 1.x is ok for some IoT scenaria, esp if you use Erlang for
>> CPU-intensive query server functions. Latest 1.x releases have very good
>> balance in terms of reliability/speed, and require no additional SW (except
>> probably nginx) – which is especially valuable.
>> Having 1.x CouchDB installed on devices, which are physically remote from
>> service is reasonable choice: Couch 1.x is famous for it’s ability to work
>> without requiring administrative intervention for years. Couch ability to
>> receive QS functions updates using regular replication is invaluable for
>> long-running distributed IoT projects.
>> As for Pouch – it’s a wonderful solution for browsers, however it can be
>> easily knocked out when acts as a server.
>> Best regards,
>> ermouth

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