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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Re: Design doc index switching
Date Thu, 16 May 2019 13:38:23 GMT
Hi Garren,

+1. I actually went hunting in GitHub for an issue on this, and can't 
find one. It probably goes back to JIRA, and I don't have the energy to 
dig through that now.

The closest issue that captures this is the same thing - but for 
*databases* - and is on our official roadmap from the last summit:

Could we consider this use case at the same time?


On 2019-05-16 2:51 a.m., Garren Smith wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> A common pattern we see for updating large indexes that can take a few days
> to build, is create a new design docs with the new updated views. Then once
> the new design doc is built, a user changes the new design doc’s id to the
> old design doc. That way the CouchDB url for the views remain the same and
> any requests to the design doc url automatically get the latest views only
> once they built.
> This is an effective way of managing building large indexes, but the
> process is quite complicated and often users get it wrong. I would like to
> propose that we move this process into CouchDB and let CouchDB handle the
> actual process. From a users perspective, they would add a field to the
> options of a design document that lets CouchDB know, that this build needs
> to be built in the background and only replace the current index once its
> built:
> ```
> {
>    "_id": "_design/design-doc-id",
>    "_rev": "2-8d361a23b4cb8e213f0868ea3d2742c2",
>    "views": {
>      "map-view": {
>        "map": "function (doc) {\n  emit(doc._id, 1);\n}"
>      }
>    },
>    "language": "javascript",
>      "options": {
>          "build_and_replace": true
>      }
> }
> ```
> I think this is something we could build quite effectively once we have
> CouchDB running on top of FoundationDB. I don’t want to implement it for
> version 1 of CouchDB on FDB, but it would be nice to keep this in mind as
> we build out the map/reduce indexes.
> What do you think? Any issues we might have by doing this internally?
> Cheers
> Garren

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