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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Sad state of Jenkins CI - please help fix our eunit tests!
Date Thu, 02 May 2019 20:41:33 GMT
Hi everyone,

Lately, our Jenkins CI runs on master (after merges) have been failing a

Just in the last run (#537), we have failures in eunit tests for
couch_mrview, mem3 and ddoc_cache that need active investigation. [1]

Arguably, the reason no one is actively monitoring this and fixing the
tests is because Jenkins does not (yet) gate commits from landing on master.

This will change in the not-too-distant future. Travis CI has been
slower and slower as of late, and with ownership/leadership change of
Travis (the company) there's some trepidation in the community at large
about its long-term survivability as well.

IBM has graciously committed to a targeted hardware donation for build
machines for our CI needs, to help us get runs done faster and in a
controlled environment. I'll be working with them once that machine
arrives to set up the new CI environment and ensure it does what we all
expect. If anyone has any input on what that should look like, do reply
to this email and let me know.

Fixing Jenkins also will fix our broken snapshot package builds, which
very soon *will include ARM64 support* that the community has been
asking for, for a long time. Until we have regular greens on the board
for ARM64, I'm not willing to approve greenlighting public packages or a
Docker container for this platform. (Same goes for other platforms.)

In short: *PLEASE HELP FIX THE FAILING TESTS*. If you want a bug per
failing test, I can do that, let me know.

-Joan "all green all the time?" Touzet

[1]: The failure in 537 on CentOS 7 comes from my recent image rebuild,
and CentOS's/EPEL's very recent decision to drop the python3 alias in
favour of version-specific ones (python3.4, python3.6). I'll add a
workaround for this via a /usr/local symlink in the image today.

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