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From Robert Samuel Newson <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Getting 2.1 out the door (was: Test Suite Stabilization)
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2017 14:43:47 GMT

On replication scheduler, I think we should stick to the plan and keep it out of 2.1. I'm
so happy to hear there's lots of interest in it, though.

The main part of getting 2.1 out is all this work to fix tests and release pipeline, so a
2.2 with the scheduler should follow swiftly behind 2.1.


> On 4 Jul 2017, at 05:11, Joan Touzet <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Thanks to the help of the committer team, we've made significant strides
> towards closing out many of our test case failures over the past month.
> (Sorry for the lack of mailing list updates - I've been busy with other
> tasks.) A full 8 test case issues were squashed since my last report! :)
> However, we still need to close out the remaining few failing test cases
> before we can get v2.1 out the door. We also have a select few open 
> issues that should be resolved before that release goes out as well.
> I've taken the liberty of moving candidate GH issue tickets into the
> 2.1.0 milestone, where we can treat them as release blockers:
> 13 of these 17 issues are test case related. I'm convinced that some of
> them (like #554) can probably be worked around by temporarily disabling
> the test case, but others (like #552 and #548) need more careful eyes
> on them to fix likely race conditions.
> A couple of issues (like #617) didn't make the cut, but if people are
> willing to push on them, they could easily be included.
> A word on automated packaging for testing: I can't enable these builds
> until the test suite runs cleanly regularly. We further have an issue
> with ASF build infrastructure occasionally refusing to run our Docker
> images correctly. We could resolve this if anyone is willing to donate
> some build machines for Apache CouchDB official use. Please contact me
> off-list if you are able to help sponsor build machines.
> One final point is whether or not we include the replicator scheduler in
> the 2.1 release. Right now, 2.1 is forked prior to that change. I know
> the feature's received a lot of interest from the user base, but I worry
> about this relatively untested code being included. Has Cloudant done
> more extensive testing on this code they can share with us? For
> instance, is the code in production anywhere? This might help tilt the
> balance towards inclusion.
> Now's the time for the final push. It'd be fantastic if we could get
> this release out by end of July at the latest.
> Please help fix bugs and review this release proposal!
> Thanks,
> Joan

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