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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Re: (Updated-3) Stabilizing our automated builds - help needed!
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2017 20:26:46 GMT
Monday update: we have 2 new test failures, 1 test harness failure,
and 1 resolved issue (Thanks Jay Doane!)

# New Issues

COUCHDB-3345: JS: stats.js silent failure
  The test simply shows 'fail' with no tracebacks or further info.
  Silent failures are troubling.

COUCHDB-3346: JS: reduce.js "JSON is not a function"
  This is especially odd.

COUCHDB-3347: dev/run failure on Jenkins CI CentOS 6 (Python 3)
  Looks like another Python 3 incompatibility, though this one
  is sporadic. More investigation is required.

# Open Issues

COUCHDB-3344: EUnit: compaction_daemon_tests timing out
COUCHDB-3343: JS: show_documents failure
COUCHDB-3342: JS: design_docs expected '"ok"', got '"ko"'
COUCHDB-3341: EUnit: config listener unknown failure
COUCHDB-3339: EUnit: couch_mrview_red_views_tests throw:error

# Recently resolved issues

COUCHDB-3340: EUnit: syslog timeout

  This has a PR that was just merged that blames a slow getaddrbyhost()
  call to find the syslog host.

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