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From Michael Hall <>
Subject Publisher account for CouchDB snap
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2016 02:04:11 GMT
Over the past few months, with help from rnewsom, jan and others, we've
been able to create a Snap[1] package for CouchDB 2.x that I would like
to make available through the Snap Store.

The Snap Store encourages upstreams to publish their packages
themselves, rather than depending on distro developers to do so.
Registering a package in the store is currently limited to individual
accounts, there's no support yet for teams, which means that someone
would need to register "apache-couchdb" as a developer account in the
store. They can then share upload rights for the couchdb snap with other
individuals, but it needs to be owned by someone to start with.

On IRC there was some discussion about how to approach this, with the
suggestion that someone on the PMC could register the owning account,
using the ASF mailing address[2] and their own email. This should
require very little work to setup, and almost no work after the initial
setup. So I'm asking if anyone on the PMC would be willing to take this
up and help us get the snap package published to users.

[2] yes it's asked for, and I agree it shouldn't be needed

Michael Hall

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