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From Michael Hall <>
Subject Re: Publisher account for CouchDB snap
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2016 17:16:17 GMT

On 12/19/2016 06:23 PM, Eli Stevens (Gmail) wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 11:47 AM, Michael Hall <> wrote:
>> You can try the snap I built, it's on
>> Download it and run "snap install --dangerous couchdb_2.0_amd64.snap"
>> (assuming you're on Ubuntu 16.04 or later)
> I'll have some people on my team get on that as soon as we have time;
> probably after the new year.

Thanks! If they have any questions or need help, I'm mhall119 in
#couchdb-dev or they can email me directly.

>> There isn't a generic mechanism for the dpkg->snap migration. You could
>> provide tools for that, or just recommend snaps for new installs.
> I've got several hundred systems installed in customer datacenters
> that need to be upgraded headlessly (we don't typically have any
> access to those customer systems, so we give them a self-contained
> upgrade package with OS and our product updates that has an install
> script that gets run automatically).

In that case, you could have your script run "snap install couchdb" and
then copy the configuration and data files into the snap's locations

> I'm more curious about things like:
> - Will it Just Work(tm) if we copy the 1.6 .couch files from our old
> location in /var/lib/couchdb?

I would assume so, unless there's some metadata in them that used
absolute file paths to other data files. Can someone more familiar with
the couchdb data files give a more definite answer?

> - Can we use ecryptfs for the data dirs? (I'd assume so, but it's not
> clear how they get mounted)

Snaps don't know or care what filesystem those directories are. AppArmor
is used to mitigate file access, so it should all be transparent to the

> - Is it possible to disable automatic updates for snaps?

It's possible, I don't know the details of it though. Can you tell me
what your concern is with leaving it on?

> - Are our Ubuntu 12.04 systems ever going to see CouchDB 2.0?

Snaps can run on 14.04, but that's as far back as we've been able to
support, since snapd and snap-confine depend on newer kernel features
and systemd. And since 12.04 is going to be EOL next year, I hope you're
planning an upgrade of those systems anyway,

> I realize that some of these questions are more about snaps than
> CouchDB.  Sorry.  :/

Well this thread is about snaps (for couchdb) so that seems entirely
appropriate :)
>> I would encourage having people test the snap in production-like
>> environments for a while first. I used a very basic configuration and
>> there might need to be more work done to allow it to work for all use
>> cases. The Snap technology is stable enough for production use, but I'd
>> like to see each individual app tested thoroughly before telling people
>> to replace their existing package installs.
> Okay, it sounds like there are no known issues preventing it from
> possibly being production ready. We'd certainly put the system through
> the paces of our release testing process before deployment.

I'd love to hear how that goes, any feedback you can give me about using
the snap I will funnel back to the snappy development team so they can
improve it.

Michael Hall

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