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klaemo/couchdb:2.0.0-rc1-vote is now available.
klaemo/couchdb:2.0-dev (which runs the dev cluster) has als been updated to the latest RC.

Build, run, dev/run, fauxton, verify install all seem to work. So, thumbs up :)

In the next days I’ll add back GPG checks and get the image ready for submission to the docker registry as part of the official CouchDB image.

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Hi Nick,

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 - Windows did not trust the installer, which might put cautious

Interesting. The installer is signed by Symantec. You should be able to
verify this by opening the Properties dialog on the installer file itself.
Not sure what more we can do here, do you have any more knowledge?

 - It ignored my attempt to change the installation directory to
 D:\CouchDB and just installed in C:\CouchDB.

Fixed. We now pick the drive with the most free space (a Windows Installer
default behaviour), and respect your choice if you choose to pick a
different drive.

I can't upload a new rc unless this vote fails, so this will have to
be a Known Issue for the Windows installer for now. I suspect the PMC
can see their way clear to uploading a new convenience binary installer
for 2.0.0 once the vote passes.

I think we are free to update revised versions of the installer during
the vote. We are only voting on the source tarball, the rest is there
for convenience. There is no obligation of course.

FWIW, I fully intend to do some work on the Mac application before the
2.0.0 general release, and none of it touches the CouchDB part.


 - The installed program did not appear in Control Panel, Programs
 Features. But then I uninstalled and reinstalled, and it did
 appear. Maybe
 that was just a glitch.

I can't confirm this one, as I do see an entry in Programs and Features.
We also have an Uninstall link that we put in the Programs > Apache CouchDB

 - Running couchdb.cmd brings up a shell saying "Kernel-poll not
 supported; "K" parameter ignored". Not a big problem, but it would
 be nice
 to avoid errors.

We currently don't have a platform-specific way to specify the vm.args file.
If this error bothers you just edit the etc\vm.args file and remove the
line that says "+K true". Besides, who knows - maybe someday Windows Erlang
will support kernel polling! :)


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