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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject 2.0 Website Update
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2016 13:03:27 GMT
Hey everybody,

I’ve started a modest website update for the upcoming 2.0 release:

- new logo
- removed textured linen background, moved to flat grey
- new top-level marketing slogans (wip)
- new intro texts (wip)
- new 2.0 download section (final links TBD)
  - I kept the 1.6.1/1.7.0 section, because people will want to be
    able to keep downloading that
- improved load time by serving JIRA “Submit a Bug” JavaScript include
  from the same host as opposed to live from JIRA which tends to take
  a few seconds. This might need updating on JIRA updates, but these
  are rare.
- improved “small screen” menu drop-down

    Preview here:

    Branch here:

TODO (needs your help):

- I don’t know my way around @2x images in web design and I think the new logo needs some
treatment, would appreciate any designer here taking a lead on this. Feel free to just commit
on that branch.

- finalise marketing slogans and description updates. Bikeshed away (within reason, the main
direction has been decided upon a while ago).

- I’d like to add a few pointers to different CouchDB use-case scenarios that highlight
the awesomeness of our replication. I think the easiest of these is a short blog post series
that then can be linked to from the main website (as opposed to introduce more sections into
the single-page, or changing from single- to multi-page). My thinking here is that we want
to cover the following scenarios at least:

  1. 3+ node CouchDB cluster, replication for inter-node updates

  2. 3+ cloud locations, a cluster in each, for geo-distribution (closer to users, and fault

  3. cloud location + 1000s+ of mobile / web clients  (w/ PouchDB and Couchbase Lite), highlight
Offline First ( strength

  4. distributed office locations (think London, New York, Tokio), all end-users with low-latency
connections to CouchDB, all data syncing in the background, easy to open new offices, etc.

  5. eHealth Africa Ebola Response. Essentially 3. but more concrete, with focus on regions
with challenging network infrastructure c.f.

  6+. <your ideas here>

  Optional / later:
    - case study (they heavily rely on CouchDB and replication)
    - some big data client of Cloudant’s would be nice ;)

All of these would just be a couple of paragraphs long, nothing too in-depth, but with nice
diagrams showing all the components and data flow.

Who’d be up for helping with these? I’ll send you one of the sweet, exclusive CouchDB
2.0 coffee mugs :)

// CC Jenn, would you able to coordinate this again?

These shouldn’t take long to write, and I’m sure we can get 3 or 4 together until next
Thursday, so they can go out with the 2.0 release.

What do you think?


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