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From Filippo Fadda <>
Subject Re: CouchDB Next
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2016 17:28:21 GMT
First of all thank you for CouchDB 2.0!

I would like to add some thoughts if I may. I have been working for a long time with CouchDB,
and I think 2.0 is a great step ahead, but I like to address some obstacles I have found during
the development of a social network platform with versioning support.

Bitwise Operators
String comparison is slow compared to integers. In the social network app I have created,
a post can assume different states at the same time. Currently, on CouchDB 1.6 in some views
I have used an integer to store the state, and bitwise operators to compare it (in the map
functions). As far as I know unfortunately Mango doesn’t support them.
Mango has been influenced by MongoDB, and MongoDB has bitwise operators (
<>). It should be easy
to implement.

Well, this would be awesome. I really dunno how people may have used CouchDB in the past without
the ability to make joins. Some time ago I have proposed to add an option to the Query Options,
to return a row even for the null rows. This enable the programmer to make join over the results.
I tried to modify CouchDB myself, but it wasn’t so easy like I thought. Since I have tried
to patch CouchDB myself, I can say that it’s not just ErLang, is the code itself the problem.
It’s hard to debug and the documentation is quite absent. That’s why I have decided to
implement the feature in the PHP client library I made. 3.0 is a long way, this could be done
pretty fast by someone who knows about CouchDB internals. I guess Elixir will not attract
many people if they found hard to hack the source code, unless you rewrite it in Elixir.
Please see this: <>

Lazy Loading
I don’t know if CouchDB 2.0 comes with such a feature, but I would like to have a mechanism
to get just some document’s fields. Sometime I just need the title or whatever, but I have
to get the entire document. I would like to request just a set of fields when I retrieve a
document from the database. Using the Lazy Loading pattern I could require other fields when
I need them. This is especially useful when applied to object oriented mapping.
Please don’t tell me to use a show function.

Order by value
We really need a way to order against the result of a reduce function, by value. For example,
there is no way to retrieve the top comments of a post (comments ordered by number of votes).
This is something you can easily do with a trigger in almost any RDMS (or with a slow query).
We need a way to do things like this, maybe clustered triggers?

To overcome many of these problems I have used Redis to caches indexes. I run most of the
queries against these indexes. And I use CouchDB as a store. I have implemented a system to
regenerate the entire Redis cache in case of disaster recovery. Honestly, there are too many
limitations with CouchDB, and sometimes I regret my choice. Mango and the clustering support
are awesome. Everything is important, but the most important thing to do is to overcome the
design limitations. I know the perfect database doesn’t exist, but a developer needs his
Swiss Army knife. It’s a real pain in the ass when you want do something and you can’t
because you don’t have the tools. A DBMS might not be the best solution to serve a particular
purpose, but it provides every tool you need.

For the rest I’m all in line with Jan.

By the way, if you don’t like using cURL from the command line, you can use the Elephant
on Couch CLI ( <>).
I will add Mango support as soon as I can.


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